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Counselling is a talking therapy that involves a trained therapist listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with emotional issues. Sessions take place in a safe and confidential space lasting around 1 hour. 

Mental Health Navigation

Your navigator can meet you in a public venue of your choosing to help you explore positive changes to improve your wellbeing. Your navigator will support you make your own plan to achieve these changes, make sense of local services and access practical support for issues affecting your wellbeing, such as debt and housing. 

1to1 Support

Our 1to1 service offers you regular support from a trained person who you can talk to confidentially. Your worker will actively listen to you, giving you the time and a safe space to open up about things in your life that are affecting your wellbeing. Support can also include signposting you local mental health services or introducing you to new coping strategies. 

Peer Support 

Peer support is when people use their own experience of mental health problems to support each other. This can be 1to1, online or in groups. Peer support can include an activity like art, walking or gardening. You may also come together talk and support each other around problems you share, such as depression, anxiety or hearing voices. 

Crisis Support

Our Crisis Cafes have trained Mind staff and professional mental health workers who can offer you support in a safe and comfortable space. Our aim is to support people to reduce any immediate crisis and to safety plan; drawing on strengths, resilience and coping mechanisms.


Work Place Volunteering

Work place volunteering can help you to improve your employability, find a new purpose and increase your confidence. Opportunities are varied and could involve helping in groups, leading activities, working in catering or preparing and delivering free furniture to those in need. 

Wellbeing Courses 

Wellbeing courses aim to help you better understand the mental health problems you are facing, learn new coping methods and have the chance to talk about your mental health in a safe and supportive environment. Courses are based on a variety of subjects such as self awareness, depression, life transitions and anger. 

Community Support 

The Intermediate Support Service is a 1to1, short term service, a step on the road to independence and to an enhanced quality of life. The purpose of this service is to support you in the community and at home to achieve your goals in life.

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