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1to1 Support 

Our 1to1 service offers you regular support from a trained person who you can talk to confidentially. Your worker will actively listen to you, giving you the time and a safe space to open up about things in your life that are affecting you wellbeing. Support can also include signposting you local mental health services or introducing you to new coping strategies. 

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Talking helps. Having a safe and comfortable place to talk with someone you can trust can help you to open up about things in your life. Your sessions will last around an hour and take place at one of venues around Northamptonshire. As well as actively listening to you, a worker can help you to;

  • Introduce you to new coping strategies, such as ways mindfulness techniques and challenging negative thoughts. 

  • Make your own plan to make healthy changes in you life, such as becoming more active or eating well. 

  • Give you information about other local services you can access. 

Who can access this support?  

Our services are available to any person ages 18+ and living in Northamptonshire. Most of our services are free, however, some do incur a small cost.

Need help to access support?


Our mental health navigators can help you make sense of services and support you to access them.

        01604 658813

If you would like to speak to someone locally, head to our contact us/members page for more details. 

Get in touch 

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