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Community Support


Community support services are a 1to1, short term service, a step on the road to independence and to an enhanced quality of life. The purpose of this service is to support you in the community and at home to achieve your goals in life.

Your outcomes or specific goals are set out by you at the beginning of your support. Once goals are set, a worker will help you identify realistic steps towards achieving your desired outcomes. These steps will form the basis of your support plan and this will enable you to track the progress you are making.


Examples of outcomes include:

  • To know how to look after your own physical and mental health, being able to deal with stress and knowing how to keep yourself feeling well

  • To access community facilities to develop friendships and interest

  • To return to employment

  • To have the confidence to use public transport to reconnect with friends or family

  • To have the skills needed to manage your own tenancy e.g. household tasks, shopping, budgeting, and setting up utility services

  • To enrol on a course to learn new skills or work towards a qualification

  • To be part of the local community, e.g. engaging with faith organisations, joining clubs, volunteering

Who can access this support?  

Our services are available to any person ages 18+ and living in Northamptonshire. Most of our services are free, however, some do incur a small cost.

Need help to access support?


Our mental health navigators can help you make sense of services and support you to access them.

        01604 658813

If you would like to speak to someone locally, head to our contact us/members page for more details. 

Get in touch 


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